number 01 | 06.01.2007

Allen Jones


Pandigital digital photo frame

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FRESH ideas!

the eNewsletter from FRESH creative

Welcome to “FRESH ideas!" an eNewsletter from your friends at FRESH creative.

We will be using this newsletter to share our knowledge on a wide range of marketing and communications related topics as well as to highlight many of the exciting things we are doing for our terrific clients.

FRESH ideas! We plan to talk about things both down-to-earth and ethereal, and everything in-between. For instance, we'll talk about:

  • Why strategy is the key to making your marketing more cost effective.
  • How design is about much more than about making things "pretty."
  • Why eMarketing is hot, but NOT for every business.
  • Technical topics, such as which image format you should use and when you should use it; and, why in image resolution, more is not always better.
  • Reviews on books, articles, etc., that we think are important, fun, or simply fascinating.
  • And, of course, an occasional shameless self-promotion of a cool project we have completed for a client.

We hope you like what you see and keep us in mind when you need help connecting with your clients or just being noticed above the roar of the crowd - because it's really noisy out there!


Allen Jones, Creative Director


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